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Yes, I believe it's the USB connector. The jacks fubar my speaker/media/gaming setup, so the USB's are nice......keep everything separate. Also great for plug-n-play and taking them anywhere on the go since they have a sound card built in.

I use them for long periods of time and my ears don't get sweaty much at all. They were a bit sore when I first got them until they got broken in a bit, but then after that it was great. Very comfy and cushiony.

I love the minimalist design, and they take a BEATING. I have 2 toddlers at home and they have chucked them more than a couple problems whatsoever with the durability or sound quality.

Tigerdirect had them on sale for 50% off awhile back and I scooped 2 pairs :) 1 for now, 1 for later if my kids actually wreck them LOL.
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