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Default Cooler Master V8 CPU Cooler Review Comment Thread

Well its that time again! This time we took a long hard look at the CM V8 cooler....and walked away less than impressed. The biggest reason we didn't like this cooler and its lack of fan replacement options and extra mounting points for additional fans....maybe we got a bad cooler, maybe the fan is supposed to be easily replaceable and we got a factory mistake (who knows anything is possible!). Though honestly, unless CM swaps the fan out for a Panaflo or Delta, or any fan with equal an level of cooling power, we don't think ANY single fan will be powerful enough to do this cooler design justice. As it stands, in its stock configuration this cooler falls awfully short of the standard the V10 we reviewed awhile back set.

To read our take on the V8 click here: V8

We hope you enjoy the review...and like the (new) Crucible of Fire & Pain 2.0 we have put together to help really torture new coolers with! Special thanks to Gigabyte and Direct Canada for their amazing support in helping making the new testbed a reality!
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