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Default Need suggestion for something quiet (and not huge)

I ordered a TRUE 120 to make my Q6600. Well that won't work. Apparently there is such a thing as a heatsink too alrge for my otherwise rather large silverstone LC16M. I hadn't realized that the thing is 160mm high, which happens to also be about the total height of the LC16M, so needless to say it won't fit.

So does anyone know of another efficient quiet heatsink/fan that would work on a Q6600 (so 775 socket), and fit in something more like 120mm height?

Also does anyone happen to know if the LGA775 bracket version of the TRUE120 could work on a core i7 on any of the boards out there? The P6T seems to have holes in the board for both the new size and the LGA775 size brackets, so I am hoping since I was thinking of getting a P6T for the machine I am building for my wife, and since it is going into a Tj04 it won't have any space problems there.

Anyhow, I hope somebody can help.
Len Sorensen
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