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My System Specs


Originally Posted by lowfat View Post
You posted a pic of a 10 year old computer

do these look like toys?

The so called G5 (not really, but anyway) was obviously a horrendous mistake. It is the *ONLY* good looking one they've ever made.

Originally Posted by Wankerfx View Post
Hmmm, well, I carry around 25lbs of books during a 5+ hour day of school, everyday of the week for eight months. I really don't need to lug anymore weight, otherwise my back is going to break.
You don't carry around your 25lbs of books for 5 hours. I'd imagine you'd carry them around for 10 minutes from point to point?

Anyway, if you're 110lbs I can understand your point. If you are at least of average build and height then you shouldn't really have a problem....

If it is just your preference, then okay, no problem. Personally, I'd rather have another 5lbs of battery life

Originally Posted by hen555 View Post
I dont want a big laptop because the one im on now is big , its a centrino duo and designed for xp but the repair man put vista and i REALLY Dont like vista. Its so dam slow and uncompatible. I dont even use the cool effects because it slows my laptop down. Anyways, yes my pc is not working but i dont want to go to the repairman i want to fix it myself.
Where do you live?

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