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There are open source replacements for most mainstream Windows programs. Some are better than the Windows version. It just takes some time to get used to the differences. It is like trying a program you have never used before. Wine and Crossover can run many Windows programs in Linux. You would have to check their websites to see what is on their lists. If you want to check out a non-Microsoft, or Linux, OS then take a look at PC-BSD 7.1. It is a desktop version of FreeBSD, which is neither MS or Linux. It is closer to the Mac OS. I installed it on an IBM T61p last night and it's all good.

I would think tablets are the preferred choice, as they are small, light and you can write, instead of type, on them. Quieter and, in most cases, quicker than a keyboard. There are tablets with the power to edit and render video and play the latest games. And HDMI.:)
To find a good brand, I suggest cruising some of the manufacturers forums, looking for remarks about different models you are thinking about buying. That way you will see what ppl that are using the laptops have to say about them. And there are laptops that can be bought with Linux on them, fully supported.
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