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My System Specs


ya i want a laptop good mostly for editing videos and can play decent ammount of games. I dont play high quality games like crysis but maybe thats because i dont have the rig to run it on. It would be good to have hdmi out so i can connect my videos to tv. But I think you need good gpu for rendering videos right? im not sure.
I dont want a big laptop because the one im on now is big , its a centrino duo and designed for xp but the repair man put vista and i REALLY Dont like vista. Its so dam slow and uncompatible. I dont even use the cool effects because it slows my laptop down. Anyways, yes my pc is not working but i dont want to go to the repairman i want to fix it myself. Thats besids the topic , but Yes I also only have windows based pc's and laptops here and i wanted to try out OSX because i have the iphone and the os seems very unique. Iv tried also linux based os, Ubuntu and its not bad its just everything all the programs are new on that. So one concern i have is the programs and applications that i will loose .

Can wine or w/e run any program like microsoft word or sony vegas or jiust the game grand theft auto san andreas lol. I have 2 windows base laptops and 3 windows based pc's which are my familys, they aare not really mine . So thats why i was thinkin apple . the model i was looking at is the 15-inch MacBook Pro.
Before lookin at the apple macbook pro. I was mainly looking at tablet pc's because of its touch screen. I heard there is going to be multi touch oc from microsoft, im not sure if its talkin about the windows 7 (which i tried the beta and was very pleased).

Are tablet Pc's good for university because of its writing pad touch thing. Are there any good for editing and rendering videos? HDMI out? can play all the latest games? ( doesnt have to maxd out settings)

sorry for long reply but alot of replys.
sorry for my english too/
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