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Originally Posted by hen555 View Post
I have 4 windows pc's and i want to try out the apple stuff

are macbook pros good?
i ned a laptop for university
Since you have already made up your mind to try a Mac, the question I have is "Why are you looking at the MBP?" Do you have specific hardware requirements that are only met with the Pro line? If not, then you are wanting a MBP for style and status?
I would think for all round usage that a tablet would be best.
If you are set on getting a Mac, look at one of the smaller, cheaper units.
I was looking at a MBP, last year, to use for digital photography. After doing research, I decided not to buy it. Too much proprietary hardware and software.
My advice is to do some research. Check some of the Mac forums to see what problems users are having. Try posting your question in a Mac forum. Asking questions about Macs on a predominately PC forum will get you lots of negative comments, but not much useful info.
Good luck with your venture.
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