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My System Specs


... You have got to be kidding me...

I am probably going to get on people's nerves with some of the following but meh.

You know, hearing all this stuff about vista makes me somewhat glad my PII is never going to be running it. Though atm I don't use it much anyway as I have to constantly restart it to maintain any sort of app stability with windows 2000 pro sp4. :\
6 day old install with video card drivers, a few old games, virus/etc scanny app and no internet access was never so fun! Aside from being a 400Mhz PII it is not that slow, just a crashy pita. I think I am going to test it's RAM later.(again)

On a side note, yes, I have to do this.
<- Mac OS X Server 10.4.10
(It adds a window with options in the centre of all displays other than your primary)
<- Classic Mode with Mac OS 9.2.2
(You can't see the backgrounds I set because it was being run in Classic Mode and the OS 9 Finder (aka window manager thingy) was not running because it is not needed in Classic Mode.)
I don't have any older machines with older operating system set up with second graphics cards atm though so I can't show anything else off.

I don't know what multiple desktops in XP is like though since it was always being uncooperative when I tried to add a second PCI video card and display. When I was using multiple displays in windows 98 I never got around to doing any desktop customization, just straight dark blue.

You know, with all this talk of displays we should have a "How many displays do you use with your primary desktop computer?" poll. Could get opinions how how many people think is adequate for each use as well.

Check this out:
Taming Multiple Displays - Wallpapers and Vista at Respect Sakura
It may be a complete pita but it apparently works.
A little Google goes a long way.

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