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Yeah, well, we both know that '06 cpu scores change from month to month as drivers change, and that the '06 cpu test was suspect when '06 was first released, and the cpu tests were capped at 3FPS. That cap has since been removed, but it speaks volumes as to how vga-dependant the cpu tests are.

'06 was relevant when it came out, but with every successive release of a new gpu, it's importance becomes more and more in question. Really, i think when we saw 10,000-point scores, it became fairly useless, and almost anything over 17,500k is cpu-limted.

Vantage is a bit better in this regard, giving consistent results regardless of config, but it's still a bit suspect itself, as the test scores are easily skewed by system bandwidth bottlenecks in a few tests.

I don't really like nV, because I love innovation, but I've realized that thier innovation lies on the programming front, while ATI lands squarely in the hardware innovation stage. these seperate dierctions is what sets the two companies apart, and makes them completely different. There's something to say about making your products relevant to the marketplace, vs making the marketplace relevant to your tech...

Now, we can dig further into this, and cover OS installs that are NOTfresh, and how this affects performance, but the fact you do a fresh install hints that you've seen the sae issues that many report in this instance as well.
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