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All temps stated are taken from the hotter of the 2 cores (the one further away from the fan and closer to the back of the case) from my 4870X2 at 777Mhz corespeed.

Hey's a subjective example of my use of ICD. I have a Diamon 4870X2 which I just pulled from my main rig and installed in an HTPC case which is completely crammed and never meant to house a scorching huge card like the X2. So, with pretty pathetic airflow to the card, I manually set the fan to 75% (holy loud!) and started folding on both cores to see what the temps would be like. Well, at 75% fanspeed the temps would quickly climb to the 94C+ range and the card would keep shooting up to 100% fan speed and then back down to 75% as the temps dropped back down to about 94C. This would keep happening over and over again which was driving me nuts and I knew I couldn't have an HTPC that makes that much noise.

Shut everything down and took the X2 out. Replaced OEM TIM with ICD, put it back in the case and sealed it up. Manually set the fan speed to 45% (highest fan speed where I find the noise level to be acceptable for my living room) and started folding on both cores. Now, the temps peaked at 88C and hovers in the 86C range with the fan staying at a constant 45%.


Diamond 4870X2 Stock cooler:

Fan speed: 75-100% (auto function to keep temps in max safe range)
Loaded 2 Cores folding: 95C avg

Fan speed: 45% constant
Loaded 2 Cores folding: 86-88C

**IC7 Readings were taken 20 mins after application of TIM and 2 Cores folding full out so the 2 hour avg cure time isn't really represented here. My temps may come down a bit more through some cycling.

Just thought a practical application example might be interesting. My main benefit is now I can enjoy a relatively hushed HTPC where my temps are acceptable (while both cores are folding 100%) and I don't have to listen to the fan running intermittently from an unacceptably loud 75% (which still couldn't maintain a safe temp) to the ear-splitting 100%.

Great results from the members so far! I know there's still some more folks that will post up and I look forward to seeing them. Keep up the great work and I hope this has been an interesting, enjoyable and educational experience for all thus far.

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