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Default A Little Interesting 3D Mark 06 Test for You

All right, I have been wondering this out loud for some time but I may as well post it in words right here.

Those of you who have switched from Nvidia to ATI GPUs: have you seen your 3DMark06 CPU score INCREASE?

The same goes for those of you who have gone from Red to Green. Have you seen your CPU score DECREASE?

I can't seem to find many threads about this so I thought I would open a discussion right here about it.

This comes directly from some of my GPU reviews (overclocking section) over the last while from a number of different systems and detail the CPU scores ONLY:

i7 920 @ 4.01Ghz w/HT

HD 4770: 6941
HD 4890: 6962

GTX 275: 6744
GTS 250 1GB: 6790 (upcoming review)

QX9770 @ 3.85Ghz

GTX 285 OCX: 5569
GTX 285 SSC: 5533
GTX 260 216: 5526

HD 4870 Sonic: 5724
HD 4870 512MB: 5686

I know this isn't a scientific test or anything but a difference of a pretty consistent 200 points is something to chew on.

Just wanted to bring it up as food for thought. Let's call it SKYMTL's Midnight Ramblings.
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