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Originally Posted by rjbarker View Post
Actually I didn't shake my head....figured that would be "counter-productive", what I did do though was also supplement that "head-shaking" method with physically touching the Northbridge HS while it is both idle and under full P95 Load, although it was considerably warmer it certainlywasn't the "lets fry eggs" hot that others on Evga are claiming. I think this is simply because of the fans n airflow in my case,,,,the Scyth 1900 RPM blowing cool air on to the GPU's also provides a fair bit of air pushing into the NB area, also the additional" fan on the TRUE throws a fair bit of air over the Vreg temps are about 8c cooler with that additional TRUE Fan on the backside.

Would be nice to actually see the NB Temps,...until then, I'm not concerned based upon the "touch test"..
hehe, i wasn't referring to you specifically, sorry about that. i meant someone in "forum land" or "review world" that is going to post a "comparison" of the two boards temperatures using that methodology and then draw a conclusion from it for the public to get into an uproar over.

i sent another e-mail to Peter about a different topic but at the end, added the extreme wish to have NB temps monitored in Windows...again, for the umpteenth time.

Originally Posted by zlojack View Post
That is an amazing validation 3oh6!

251 bclk! Wow! Unreal! Now I want a D0!
the scariest thing is Raja and Kevin are pushing 256+ validations.
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