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Yes the NF200 chip does put out heat, that is part of the reason guys are getting high NB temperatures and that whole circus about it over at the EVGA forums. How much higher? Who knows as there is no way to monitor in Windows yet. And anyone who says they can give a comparison from when they were running at load and then quickly went into the BIOS to check should really give their head a shake. Only way to accurately compare is in Windows under load. Setting both boards up with the same settings in the same room might be able to compare at idle in the BIOS, but I still don't like it as a comparison. The point is, it is another heat dump into the passive cooling
Actually I didn't shake my head....figured that would be "counter-productive", what I did do though was also supplement that "head-shaking" method with physically touching the Northbridge HS while it is both idle and under full P95 Load, although it was considerably warmer it certainlywasn't the "lets fry eggs" hot that others on Evga are claiming. I think this is simply because of the fans n airflow in my case,,,,the Scyth 1900 RPM blowing cool air on to the GPU's also provides a fair bit of air pushing into the NB area, also the additional" fan on the TRUE throws a fair bit of air over the Vreg temps are about 8c cooler with that additional TRUE Fan on the backside.

Would be nice to actually see the NB Temps,...until then, I'm not concerned based upon the "touch test"..

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