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My System Specs


Hey glad to hear you're now "getting in to it" and getting more comfortable with your BIOS....
Yes it is possible to OC your RAM and change the Timings, as in "tightening" (speeding up) or "loosening" (slowing down), but in all honesty, work on learning to OC your CPU 1st! Here's my general methodology for OC'ing:
1. Find the highest possible OC that falls within these parameters:
- must be 24/7 stable and "stressed" by 25 passes Linux Max Memory & 6 Hrs P95 Short FTT
- Temps must be reasonable, as in Load Temp below 70c
- must be achieved at or below Intel Max vCore recomendations - vCore 1.356v
- try to get the memory running at its Spec, as in 1600 Mhz RAM running at 1600 Mhz ....
Once I am happy with an OC and have stressed it, I'll continue to stress it while continually changing 1 or 2 settings in the BIOS with another goal of achieving lower vCore.

Hence my present OC:
202 Mhz Bclk x 19 Mult (Turbo Boost "off" - HT "on") = 3.83 Ghz CPU speed @ vCore 1.3125v
Memory Divider 2:8 = 202 Mhz x 8 = 1630 Mhz (slight Mem OC) 8-8-8-24 74 1T (Spec timings) @ Memory Voltage vDimm 1.63v (1.65v Max recomended & Spec for Corsair Doms)
Idle Temps 32-41c

Load Temps 55 - 64c

Now as soon as I try to reach 4 Ghz, through some trial and error (a few BSOD) I know I'm going to be looking at either vCore 1.35v (without VDroop) or as much as 1.425v (with VDroop) ((VDroop setting "with" or "without" are available in the BIOS. So at this point, due to the fact that the Voltage requirement is beyond the Intel Spec Voltage, I'm not at this point going to concentrate on 4 Ghz and will spend more time concentrating on achieving my present OC with slightly lower Voltages (time consuming because of all the lengthy stress tests).

Don't get me wrong, in fact as I own the Board n CPU longer the whole Intel Spec Voltage for the CPU usually goes out the window and I'll start pumping more n more Voltage to the CPU to achieve a stable higher Clock Speed. As for your question on how long the Chip will last.......
Thats the "million dollar question", but provided you don't go "crazy" with Voltages, as in well above Intel Spec (keeping below vCore 1.45v) - I'd say the Chip will likely be running strong well after it has either been sold or tossed into another Rig. I have an E8400 that has been OC'd to 4.05 Ghz vCore @ 1.45v for this past 14 months and it hasn't so much as "burped"......

Tip: As you play around in BIOS, read as much info on these Forums as you can...try and wrap your head around VDrop and VDroop (these will play an important role while looking for that "sweet VCore spot")
VDrop: The difference in vCore between what is set in BIOS and what is displayed in CPUZ while in Windows - will be less in CPUZ "With VDroop" setting in BIOS enabled and more in CPUZ fi "without VDroop" setting is enabled in BIOS)
VDroop: The difference between vCore set in BIOS and vCore displayed in CPUZ Windows while the CPU is under full load (as in P95) - will be less in CPUZ "With VDroop" setting in BIOS enabled and more in CPUZ if "without VDroop" setting is enabled in BIOS)

After initially bumping up Bclk speed, vCore and vtt - if you successfully Boot into Windows, run P95 Short FTT and see if you can get past about 15 min without BSOD or Freezing...if you can, either conduct "full stress testing" at the settings your presently at, OR assuming you applied a fair amount of Vcore, try lowering it a few notches and then stress test some really is trial n error while narrowing the corrodore for stability!

Most importantly.....Have Fun..if you get "stuck" Post in here and we'll try and help you out. The worst that can happen is you BSOD and you fail to Post upon "restart", this can be easily solved by "resetting CMOS" and starting over again - "Resetting CMOS" simply resets all Stock Settings on your Mobo BIOS Memory Chip. Most importantly...if you want to "Flash" that Mobo BIOS Memory Chip to the newest version....DO NOT press or even come close to touching ANY of keyboard buttons until propmted to do so, that will surely corrupt your BIOS Memory Chip at which point you could be hooped (RMA the Board or install new Mobo BIOS Memory Chip).


PS the long Post was to try pass some knowledge to yourself as I'm not quite sure what "level" that is yet :)

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