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Originally Posted by MpG View Post
That's a pretty big price spike for the chip. I thought originally, before X58 even hit retail, Nvidia's original plan was to sell the chips for about $10/ea?
It's not just a matter of slapping the NF200 on either, the PCB is different because the traces to the PCI-E 16X slots changes on the non-NF200 board so the two 16X slots when used in two card SLI will be gapped. So you have to factor in design and production costs as well, but the majority of the cost should be the chip itself. It is only a $50USD premium at retailers is it not? And that is likely just reflective of EVGA's pricing. I'm sure we will see less a discrepancy as time goes on.

As for which one is better, I still believe the non-NF200 is the better purchase. Yes the NF200 chip does put out heat, that is part of the reason guys are getting high NB temperatures and that whole circus about it over at the EVGA forums. How much higher? Who knows as there is no way to monitor in Windows yet. And anyone who says they can give a comparison from when they were running at load and then quickly went into the BIOS to check should really give their head a shake. Only way to accurately compare is in Windows under load. Setting both boards up with the same settings in the same room might be able to compare at idle in the BIOS, but I still don't like it as a comparison. The point is, it is another heat dump into the passive cooling.

The biggest thing is that I don't see any benefit to the NF200 chip. I mean, sure, it allows for three physical 16X lanes...but with any single card today, 8X PCI-E 2.0 isn't saturated, I think that was clearly evident in my EVGA X58 review. As un-thorough as it was, it was pretty obvious that overclocked GTX 280s didn't seem to give a lick of difference if they were in 8X or 16X slots. Perhaps with GTX295s, but you only need two 16X slots anyways which the non-NF200 board gives you, and gaps them nicely to boot.

So again, the non-NF200 is cheaper, potentially cooler, doesn't have the minimal 1-3% latency hit (if it isn't more), and it offers identical performance in regards to 16X vs 8X slots in Tri-SLI with today's cards. Maybe next gen cards will saturate an 8X slot. I wouldn't bet on it though.

Am I going to sell my NF200 board right away so I can buy a non-NF200 board? Don't be crazy, they are damn near one in the same for my needs IMO. Speaking of my board, I was tasked with some light activity during a medical procedure so a couple hours benching my 920 D0 on the Classified is technically what the doctor ordered...I'll just let the screen shots do the talking, I am busy with other work right now

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