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That's a pretty big price spike for the chip. I thought originally, before X58 even hit retail, Nvidia's original plan was to sell the chips for about $10/ea? Regardless, I wouldn't touch the chip if I had a choice. Maybe in the future, when graphics cards can actually saturate a PCI-E x16 2.0 bus, this little chip might help a little. But even then, I'd be skeptical - it technically adds lanes, but those extra lanes still have to contend with the same X58 "bottleneck". Or, to look at it another way, you can double the number of chefs in a restaurant, but that only goes so far if you don't hire any more waiters.

Regardless, I believe the NF200 chip has a TDP of about 15-20W, which is a reasonably significant amount of heat to get rid of passively (although quite easy if you're willing to use a low-speed fan).
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