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Default -12v Rail and Poor Performance

Okai so the other day i decided to put a new sound card and networking card in my bros pc(PD 3.4ghz, crapy asus mobo w/intel chipset, XFX 8600gt 550w power up psu) after i did this instalation went smoothly but later when he rebooted we couldnt get video we removed the new cards and still no video then i reset the bios and used the onboard video to into the bios diable the onboard video and then we could video from his card again so now he's back to using onboard sound + networking but with a small problem. He used to get 70-100fps in CSS now he only get like 12, when i went inot the bios to check the temps it read -127*c so i konw thts not right and when i checked the voltages with AIDA32 they were decent except instead of giving me the +12v it gave me the negative (on my pc and my other bros pc it gave me the positive) and it was -1.25v, its the same with the -5v only readin -1.1ish.
so now im stuck i dont know if the card did something to the mobo or the psu is gone but the performance of his pc has gone down the drain (i told him not to use it for now till i can get it figured out)
any help apreciated
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