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+1 , all true 3 WD 640 black will be nice, you also use 4 of them

Originally Posted by Phobia View Post
I'd suggest 3 1tb harddrives in raid 5

good idea too. so raid 5 , with an other hard drive for the swap and the scratch , start to cost more... but less than what I will use if ever I do video editing

Originally Posted by Magnetar View Post
On the third disk set a partition as a Frag partition, say 20GB, that's way more than enough. You can set most of your programs to use a custom folder for temp files. If you still want a pagefile, set it there too. .

that will be a nice idea to have a list of volonteer , with their location, who can help member to buld their stuf....I'm on it in case....

Originally Posted by cappaj1 View Post
Any suggestions on what cooler and keyboard/mouse to go with, as well as any links to a i7 system build tutorial would really be appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

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