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Default Trying to use my LCD TV as a second monitor

I'm trying to hook up my 42" LCD TV to my computer as a second monitor, and (was hoping) also to switch back and forth between my monitor depending on where I feel like playing.
My TV is a Dynex DX-LCD42HD-09, and I am using a GTX260 with the DVI to HDMI adapter that came with it. I am using a Geek Squad HDMI cable category 2, which was tested before my friend shipped it to me.
I can't tell if it's the computer not finding the TV, or vice-versa, but I can't get any display on my TV at all. The computer isn't even recognizing the TV. Well, unless that is I turn off the TV, then the nvidia control panel shows an analog monitor and I get the Vista sound of something connecting. As soon as I turn it on it disappears again and get that vista disconnect sound . Tried using it just by itself, as the starting main monitor on a restart and still nothing. Tried both HDMI ports on the TV (Although the TV reccommends the first) and both DVI connections with no luck. My 2053BW works fine on both DVI connections.
I've tried Google, but the problems are so far and wide that I can't find anything specific to what I'm dealing with.

Basic list of what I've tried, for the paragraphly reading impaired:
1) Unplug and replug the HDMI cable and DVI->HDMI adapter
2) Restart PC multiple times
3) Tried both HDMI ports on TV
4) Tried both DVI ports on video card
5) Reinstalled latest drivers (182.50)

When I first hooked the TV up to the PC, it worked, but there was a crapload of overscan so I tried a restart and then yeah, this started.
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