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Default home theatre pc

Hey guys ! It's been a while since the last time I've been here. I hope all of ya are doing well !!!

Here's my last buid... my home theatre/media sharing pc made of "old" hardware I had from previous builds. May be a little overkill for these tasks, but I managed to get my hands on a very cheap E8400 on Ebay ( read 100$ ). So here it is:
  • E8400;
  • p5n32-e sli;
  • 2 Gb ballistix RAM;
  • ATI hd 4550;
  • ATI theatre 550 pro;
  • corsair tx 750w;
  • soundblaster fatality champion series;
  • lapped termalright ultra-120 extreme;
  • western digital 250 Gb hard drive ( I know, this ain't enough... gotta add a tera in there... );
  • Bluray optical drive
  • the hole thing mounted in an antec 300 case ( wich I love )...
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