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Originally Posted by quikgp View Post
wow.. I thought this was a helpful community. I take that back. I will continue to bash microsoft until they release a good operating system, and second, I will continue to bash moron's like dataxpert. I started a new thread because of the moronic arguement going on in the other thread. I asked the mod's to close it. Hence the new thread. But good thing you can read english....

again. Mods please close this thread.
First, you are allowed to bash any product out there for a reason, not because you felt like it. Tell me why Windows is worth bashing - and don't even think mentionning that it's unstable. I have 4 Vista rigs, and 2 XPs. ALL ARE STABLE. Otherwise, I would have used Linux. Find another excuse.

Second, we do not tolerate member bashing AT ALL. You are the new kid on the block, behave. Read. And respect the other members - even if English is not their first language - oddly enough, English is my third. Care to bash me if I make a grammar mistake?

This is a very mature Community - we are mostly old farts around here. Hang around, and respect the other members. They'll do the same.

As requested, thread closed.
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