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Originally Posted by Infiniti View Post
Well.. Let's get back on topic. I'd say that Linux would work pretty well for an HTPC, especially since the new Ubuntu 9.04 came out. You shouldn't need to worry about Ubuntu being too complicated, since everything is sorted into proper sections. (ie. Games, Media, etc)

I'm not too sure about Blu-ray support, but most likely, it'll work fine. As for games, I wouldn't be using Linux if you're planning on gaming most of the time though. But for a random game here or there, you can use Wine. Just make sure you check if your app is compatible here: WineHQ - Browse Applications


Oh, and a little off topic, but Windows 7 is actually pretty good, so I'd try that out if I were you. Who knows, you might change your opinion on Microsoft.
If he's any bit like me the answer would be nothing can change my opinion of current OS state.

MythBuntu is a great linux variation if you want to use a linux based environment.