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Sorry with all the disturbance I forgot that post, and some more explanation about SSD ( old story between Flame and me )

Honestly Flames , I will not purchase HD on Ebay. Those drive are may be 3,4 and 5 years old. I have here a WS with a real Adaptec raid controller and faster than raptor cheetah drive, I regret so much that buy. I realize fast and costly than the specs chart you see on raid and the reality are completely different. Of course itís depend on the usage, my computer booth in half the time on another one, but what is the use, it on 24/24Ö I donít make video editing. And I see no improve in my cad too, since I donít make rending , so in my case wrong choice.. still I look at those SSD closer every day, but since I spent so much in scii and so disappointed, Iím not yet ready for the expensive plunge on SSD , may be now you understand more my view on SSD.. itís not that itís not good, I just donít want to commit the same error twice

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hmmm im so tempted..... how fast would u think theys will be
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