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Default 5.1 and Realtek = bad match

Hey guys,

So with the new cpu I built I wanted good audio. At least anything better than stereo with a little dept / sub base.

So, I bought a 5.1 system x-540 from logitech (2 front 2 rear 1 sub 1 center)

It was on sale for 60$.. best bang for the buck so I figured... why not?

The sound is amazing.. when it works..

Thing is im using the onboard audio integrated card from gigabyte (ma790x-ud4p) wich comes with realtek drivers/program.

Realtek is stupid. It will not detect my rear speakers in the 5.1 mode. I found alot of infos on google of people having the same issue. The only way to "fix" it (because its not really fixing) is to set the audio to a 8channel mode (8 speakers), i only have 5 speakers tho so im losing audio on 3 sides/speakers.

This is very annoying.

The audio never works properly in call of duty 4 (even with 5.1 enabled, some audio track are missing) or even an old game like starcraft. I need to constanly switch the audio channels... and it never even works like it should be.

I had a z-540 4.1 system before and it was working perfectly...

So, I was wondering what would be the best thing to do to get the best audio possible?
I want great sound, and I want to know from wich side I'll be attacked :P

Should I buy a sound card/can a soundcard with better drivers fix that issue?
Should I RMA the system and buy another one/wich one should i pick?
Is there a way to somehow change the rear speakers to side speakers by changing a piece a wire or something?
Any other idea??

Any suggestions are welcome

thank you
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