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Originally Posted by Cptn Vortex View Post
The cooler looks so wide that running SLI may be impossible, even without the extra fans. You would need a REALLY long and flexible SLI bridge to get over that!
The fins are far enough apart, I bet you could squeeze it inbetween them without having to bend them much at all.

Great review by the way, and I haven't even read it all yet!

I had one in my hand earlier today, put it back on the shelf thinking I'd better pick it up through ncix since this store is usually on the pricy side. Yet it was only $31, not bad for that place considering what I had in my hand looked a lot more expensive... if it was for a fridge or stove, it'd be 10 times that much lol.

I was just looking into some review-oogles, wanting to know what the exact differences are between the S1 and S2, and looking for height issues with some cases maybe scraping the side panel or something. This site url jumped out of the google result, something I've noticed is happening more and more often to me.

So I must say, that I am getting to really like this place, and tending to jump to google links from here first, because I like how thorough everyone is and am getting to really really really like the linkbacks. I'm thinking of dispensing with google all together, and simply conduct my searches here! LOL

Anyways, I do have a burning question; any idea who in Canada has the turbo module in stock? I,m probably going to pick an S1 up in the next couple days, and I definately want the fan units with it. I can get by for a while if there isn't stock, strap something on or near it, but eventually I hope that DC or NCIX stock these turbos.

Tia, and keep up the good work! The place is growing fast, and diserves it!

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