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Originally Posted by AmuseMe View Post
Right now, I am running an...

AMD Phenom 9950 OCed@3.2 GHZ
8Gb GSkill RAM (4-4-4-12)
ASUS Radeon HD4850 (two in CF)
Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit (Legit :D)

Thats all that is really needed to be known.

Well, I think I am done with CF/SLI. We are heading into the Duel-GPU ara and, ya, CF/SLI look cool, but is it really needed anymore? I dont think so. I mean with cars like the 3750X2, 4850X2, 4870X2, 9800GX2, etc. There is no need for the CF/SLI.

I am thinking of trading my two ASUS 4850's in for $400.00CND and adding $100.00 to buy a new card. ATI have been doing good, but with all honesty, I prefered NVIDIA more.

My question is... What should I get now?
Where not heading to the dual GPU era by anymeans. Perhaps if you wish to run a 24" monitor or higher with as much settings maxed possible then perhaps.

A single gpu solution and a 22" monitor is very well capable and I know about most people but I prefer playability over the looks.
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