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Originally Posted by Jon_di2 View Post
ya I just noticed that they were on different WU's, didn't think that there was that large of difference in pts for those two types of WU's though... They are on the same WU now, the difference isn't as large, but there still is a difference.
A ~200pt spread is reasonable if you are using one of them, there is usually some variation between WU's even of the same type.

The only other thing it might be is if one of your gpu is clocked slightly different, they don't always run the clocks you set them at. Shaders go up in 54 MHz steps internally, if you set them at an intermediate value they will usually run at the step closest to what you set. For example if I set my shaders at 1985 MHz they will actually run at the next step up which is 1998 MHz, you might want to check what your are actually running at. The steps are 1404, 1458, 1512, 1566, 1620, 1674 etc.
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