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Default p5k motherboard, no display on boot


I just decided to get a intel core2 duo Q6600 cpu and an asus p5k motherboard. After putting it all together and turning the pc on i got no display, the monitor was not receiving signals. Went back to the shop and the motherboard was tested defect. I got a new one, but same thing happens. I tested my graphics card and memory on my older msi motherboard and they were still working there. So i did not ruin any of that when i put this all together.
I'm using twinmos ddr2 pc5300 memory sticks (2 gig total)
point of view geforce 7900gs 256mb mem

any reason that these components should not be compatible with a p5k motherboard causing such problems? i am using a 460W power unit, might that one be the problem?

I get no beeps on starting up, checked that memory and graphic card is properly installed 5 times over, as well as all cabling etc. checked for metal touching the motherboard possibly creating a shortcut, but couldnt find any.

tr´ed resetting the bios by following user manual step by step.

Also tried an intel core2 duo 6300 on the p5k motherboard with same result. no signals to monitor. the monitor is working on another computer as well. no issues with that one.

could it be that the new motherboard i got is also defect? sounds unlikely that i get two defect mb's in a row

hope someone can give me some good advice :) many thanks in advance
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