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The separate, single wire is probably a tach lead. The 3-pin connector would let you easily wire it into a fan header on your mobo to get an RPM reading, which would then let you set up an alarm system to warn you if the pump suddenly dies (i.e. RPM=0).

As far as a fan controller is concerned, that pump pulls about 24W, which is more than a lot of fan controllers are capable of handling. The voltages aren't an issue, but the pump has a rated start-up voltage of 6V, so it's possible to accidentally set the fan controller lower than that, resulting in a pump that never starts. But as long the controller will handle the wattage, go right ahead and try.

BTW, I'm guessing that you're looking to slow the pump down? If it's the MCP655, I thought those had a speed adjusting option built into them? Or do you have the MCP655-B model, which comes without? If you have the built-in option, you'll get more adjustment range than you will with just changing the input voltage.
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