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My System Specs


Originally Posted by magictorch View Post
Hopefully AMD will catch Intel with their dirty pants down

Those 2900's seem to rack up some nice points but why not in games? Perhaps the 2900pro and new drivers will wake these monsters up in games and those quads will come in at a nice price. Are these quads are going to be paired on double socket boards in the future???
Yes, multi-socket Phenom/Barcelona processors will be available for Socket F (also called Socket-1207). The Asus L1N64-SLI WS has been around for about a year supporting up to eight processor cores and has four DIMM slots and is for the home user (if you can justify calling it home user). Other Socket-1207 boards have been floating around as well--primarily from Asus and the ubiquitous Tyan--although those are primarily for the under-the-table server Barcelonas that have been going between large companies lately and support up to 32GB of registered memory.
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