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Default GELID Fans

Well since NCIX finally got those UV Blue ones in, I decided to pickup a few. Though I ordered them from Direct Canada since it was cheaper and I get air shipping for $9.99

I got the Wing 12 UV Blue, Silent 8, PWM 8, Silent 12.


With the Silent/PWM fans, all you get are the 4 rubber mounts and a case sticker. No real packaging to speak of, just the fan and a baggie inside the box. For those that want to know, the cable length is 19.5" though I think it's closer to 20" if the cable is straighten out entirely. It's the same on all the fans.

And the Wing 12 was a bit better. Came inside a plastic casing thing of sorts which has the 4 rubber mounts, case badge, 3M double sided tape, and the fan controller.

The fairly "standard" single fan controller:

And since this fan features removable blades, thought I'd test that out right away. Blades pop off rather effortlessly. A baby could probably do it So here's some motor pictures for those than fancy that kind of stuff:

And just an overall shot of the fan:

Unfortunately my blacklight isn't working (fuse busted) so UV pics will have to wait till it's in my PC.

Subjective Testing - Open air

The Silent 12 makes a rather low-pitched hum with my ear up against it. If I hold it like 6" away though, then I can't really hear it at all. Airflow wise, seems a bit on the low side but it's only 1000RPM after all.

The Silent 8, makes a higher-pitched hum than the Silent 12, puts out a decent amount of air for a 1600RPM 80mm fan. Again, becomes silent if I hold it about 6" away.

The PWM 8 is noisier since it's 2000RPM at 12V (no, I'm not using the actual PWM functionality of it). Moves more air though but it takes closer to 12" before I can't hear it. Still, not that bad for a 80mm fan.

The Wing 12, well to me the motor/bearing noise isn't there, mainly just sounds like air but I don't know for sure. Overall it seems about the same noise level as any other 120mm I've had around 1500RPM, which is tolerable to me. Decided to compare this to a NCIX Yate D12SL that I have, the GELID moves more air and is a bit noisier. However the Yate has far less airflow and has a lower-pitched, harsher sound, where as the GELID sounds more like air rushing.

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