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Originally Posted by Sagath View Post
Well, I pulled pin on F@H and switched to Boinc/Rosetta last night.

I pulled in about 800 points on my rig over night, thats about 100 points per hour.

Does that seem right for my specs listed below? My CPU's are all 100% pegged, but my GPU doesnt seem to be working hardly at all since the temps on the core are about 3c above idle temps, and 7-9c below max GPU load tems...
I'd continue F@H on your GPU's if possible, Rosetta doesn't do GPU's(yet). As for your CPU, 100 points an hour seems about right for a Q6600.

Originally Posted by matsta31 View Post
Ohh I will lose my RAC second place once your project comes online chilly.
Heh, we'll see won't we? You could try and stay ahead of me by adding some more CPU's on BONIC.
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