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Aurora Labs Updates

Well another school year is coming to a close here at the college so that means a few things

1- All PC's will be re-imaged meaning we will loose all of our current Rosetta Clients on Aurora. This will likely start end of June and not stop until Aug. The hope is to get Boinc built into the images but I have had little luck with that yet.

2- New Lab Computers coming this summer. The Current low end P4 3.0 systems are going to be replaced by likely E8400 or higher after much discussions with the higher ups it is unlikely we can justify Quad core PC's for the labs let alone Core i7's at least not until the cheaper chipsets and mobo's are out. But anyway this mean that 20 of the currents desktops will be crunching twice as much at minimum.

So that is it for Aurora's updates

Now onto team news we are currently just on the cusp of being into the Top 50 Overall Points club and we are still in the top 20 RAC club so we are not doing so bad.

Kudos all do not give up the fight

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