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My System Specs



We are well into the life cycle of the Intel X58 chipset and have seen a good number of motherboards hit the market. Most of the X58 segment is directed at the high-end and thus, most of the motherboards have been in the $300+ range offering plenty of power, features, and abilities. At the beginning of the review today we described the Classified as the man that the X58 3X SLI grew into. This couldn't have been stated any better. It offers more features, my power, and more abilities. The EVGA X58 3X SLI Classified is everything that EVGA had wanted it to be...the best motherboard the X58 chipset has been on.
LOL. I love that typo. It sounds like they put part of your OC soul into the board!

Nice review by the way. The overclocking section was superb. I still don't think this board is worth the money over others though...but it sure damn looks sexy. E-peen anyone?
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