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Originally Posted by diablosinc View Post
beware!! most knowledgable phenom 2 oc'ers find diminishing returns (and stability) around 2400-2600 cpu/nb. i've seen d'ice runs that didn't top 2600...

not really an issue of the mobo. most oc'ers i know say around 2200-2400 is the sweet spot anyways.

My issue was more with the fact that when set above 2900Mhz, the motherboard would boot normally (with no hint of issues) but would have the CPU/NB set to 2000Mhz. Whether or not this speed is achievable by most, or even useful with current chips, doesn't really matter. I'm sure it is just a minor BIOS issue. I have no reason to believe that our 720 BE was the limiting factor, but we'll know for certain when I try it on another AM3 board.
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