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I should update
I ordered mine 1 day (evening) and it was mailed out the next day
took a couple days to get (not bad at all)
and yes it was in a HUGE bubble wrapped 11x17 envelope (for a tiny tube)
oh well it was safe
Thanks HC

I had MX-2 paste on my V10 before that
and well after first applied there was 0 difference, next day same, and really for a week no change (had the computer on for like less than 1 hour per day...busy)
anyway about 1 week later, ran P95 and seemed to have dropped 1-2c
so I think it was worth it, and still some left for the future
(I am not sure if it really had to cure? or if I just needed to heat CPU up and down a few times? or not..I didn't really P95 everyday, just day 1, and then 1 week later)

anyway good buy, and I would buy it again; rather than go somewhere else for MX-2, and pay more (with shipping)
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