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Originally Posted by Scart View Post
If you wanna get into a grammar war its "headphones"

I was told Audio Technica 700's were very good, as well as M-Audio.

Does anyone know where you'd be able to test these out?
I live in Edmonton.
You could fly to Toronto, and come to my house...I have them both here.

They're very different headphones, although both are very good. The M-Audio Q40's have great sound quality, and they're a closed ear no sound gets in at all. They also clamp down on your head pretty tight. This can become uncomfortable after a while. For sound quality, at the price they're at, they're simply amazing...BUT...

Yesterday I finally got my 700's. These are an open design. They're extremely light, and they let sound in, but the sound quality is stunning. They so comfortable as you wouldn't even know you're wearing them.

Both are good, it just depends on what you're looking for in a headphone.

Good luck!
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