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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Has anybody looked into the effect of the Swiftech GT "Bow"?

edit: Sorry, guess I should have elaborated a bit.... I'm wondering if anybody had tried both with the bow and without the bow.... It would seem to me that the bow would prevent an even distribution of pressure across the contact point.

I think has to do with pressure - Motherboards have their limitations as to the amount of stress they can handle and I think the Intel max spec is somewhere around 80.lbs.
The stock heat sink runs about 45lbs +/- 10

I have seen workstation mounts that spec'd 90 psi to squeeze the last degree of performance.

So if you cut the contact area by 1/2 and the pressure was 50 psi to begin with you might end up double the force in the area of contact while still maintaining a reasonable load on the MB. a little bit of a balancing act there.

I have found from the forum testing real world vs Lab that below 50 psi differences between compound become kind of homogenized with less notable differences between compounds

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