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Saying that watercooling is "silent" is highly, HIGHLY subjective statement. Generally speaking, the more heat a computer makes, the more potential WC-ing has to be quieter than if you were just using air alone. Yes, 6 fans on a rad will generally make the same amount of noise as six case fans, but those 6 fans on the radiator are potentially capable of moving a lot more heat for their noise.

Where the big noise savings are often seen is directly on the CPU and video cards. At a certain point, it doesn't matter how good an air heatsink is, you need a certain amount of fan power to keep the unit working properly. Watercooling lets you 1) use water's superior thermal characterstics to move that heat more efficiently, and 2) spread the heat dissipation over a larger area (i.e. double or triple radiator), which can get work with slower fans. Where you come up with problems is on cooler PC's, where an air heatsink with a slow fan is adequate, and where a water-cooling system still requires a pump, which can negate any possible noise savings.

Having said all that, when done right, water-cooling can be very, VERY quiet. But it doesn't happen all by itself.
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