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So I was correct in my assumption that I applied a little too much IC7 the last time. Here's the pic

Here's the result on the HS, I believe the system of using 2 screws to tighten the HS is allowing it to rock as they are tightened and squish the thicker IC7 one way or the other. I'm thinking the single "pea" application method may not be the best for this type of (now obsolete) mount.

It was suggested earlier that the mount may be flexing the base of the HS. I don't think you would ever bend this thing by bolting it to a plastic P4 mobo clip. There are 2 cap screws and 2 #6 screws that run through the base that would have to flex as well.

Here's the pattern on the chip once again showing the corresponding copper strip on the HS.

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