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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Scart View Post
If you wanna get into a grammar war its "headphones"

I was told Audio Technica 700's were very good, as well as M-Audio.

Does anyone know where you'd be able to test these out?
I live in Edmonton.
I've got both Senn HD-555s and Audio-Technica ATH-A700s, and they're both great. The HD-555s deliver slightly better sound, but since they are ''open'' cans more sound leaks out, and IMO they aren't as comfortable for wearing for a while like the ATH-A700s are...

Those M-Audio Q40s look like they'd be great too, as I'm sure they are. :) TBH anything from Sennheiser/Grado/Audio-Technica/Beyerdynamic/M-Audio/etc should fit your needs, although Bose are really overrated and overpriced IMO (and TBH any knowlegable ''audiophile'' would say the same when asked... just like Monster Cables...).
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