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Originally Posted by 3 of 7 View Post
Lots of dual cores and quads on here, so I figured I'd try this on my old P4 workhorse.
It's a 3.0C Northwood with a Zalman 7000ALCU in an MSI 945GCM478 mobo with 2G of DDR2 and a 7600GT ( PCI-E)
This rig runs open case all the time so that skews what one would expect the temps to be.
Load temps were taken 15 minutes into a 20 minute run at 100% using OCCT 3.01 and are all non-corrected as reported by everest Ultimate.

Ambient temps were 23C for all the tests


Idle 25
Load 44
RPM 1560 constant

IC7 First run ( second install after botching the first one)

Idle 25
Load 46
RPM 1560 constant

IC7 Second run
Idle 25
Load 45
RPM 1560 constant

The first install I used about twice the amount of IC7 than I would have used of AS5 and I knew immediately that something was wrong when it idled at 31 and load was 49 so I tore back into it.
Here's the size of IC7 I used

Here's the pattern on the HS. Too low and too small.

The line down the middle is from the copper strip on the HS

Here's my second application of IC7 ( about 3 times the size of AS5 )
Observational note:

That's a very unique spread pattern with the paste. The stripe down the middle is obviously much thicker than what would be considered a normal spread.

Looking at the construction of the heat sink along with the axis of the mounting system it seems to me while a probably a high pressure mount, the sink is bowing in the middle with higher contact pressure on either side.

Application is great no problems there.

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