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Default Rogers and torrents

Hey All,

I found out a LONG time ago that Rogers was going to throttle torrent files and I remember being upset about it, but it wasn't as bad as I expected. I remember downloading torrents at about 600k and thinking, hey, this isn't so bad. I can live with this.

Well, over the years, it seems that they just kept throttling and now the speeds seem ridiculous! I have rogers extreme and I download from the web (say ATIs website) at about 1.21mb/s. However, my maximum speed on any torrent file seems to be about 50kb/s and about 20kb/s on average.

So, I called Rogers and they insist that it's my settings at home. I've tried everything and I still seem to get these shitty speeds. I've compared with a friend and while he's getting 643kb/s, I'm getting 45kb/s!? They told me, they don't support torrent, so they can't tell me what's wrong, but they insist again that it's my computer/settings!

Basically, I'm wondering if anyone out there with Rogers in the Toronto area (I'm at DVP and Wynford) is getting good speeds with torrents. If so, what client are you using and have you done anything special?

I've tried plugging straight into the modem and I'm still getting shitty speeds. I've tried BitComet, Vuze and uTorrent. Any help here is appreciated. Thanks as always...
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