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@ImmaPCDude... I even included pictures of exactly what it's for. *face palm* Also I had two or three entire posts dedicated to these pcs a few weeks ago.

Furthermore... I KNOW neither of you read that last post. Otherwise you would likely have commented on the first sentence.

If you aren't going to at least take the time to read what's written - don't bother posting

Here are some detail shots showing the pain in the ass that was.

Here's the making-of the spacers:

First up some dimensions:

Here are the tools involved:

The stages of construction - because I used a displacement style cutter I'm left with a large burr on the edge. I used a countersink bit to ream out the inner edge.

Note the funky looking tool on the right.

I made this little device using some plastic washers, some old hardware, a micro nut driver, and a broken dremel bit. (The nut driver was replaced with a drill for most of the sanding). When you tighten the screw the rubber expands ans holds the spacer nice and firmly to make sanding easier:

Repeat process 144 times... and as my joints stiffened and as the blisters grew in number I soon learned to loathe these items:
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