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Originally Posted by Chilly View Post
It has little to no "sparkle" on white surfaces, unlike the Dell 30" I currently have. It also strained my eyes when working with contrasting black gradients due to the colour shifting and crushed blacks.
Frankly if your looking for a QUALITY 30" LCD under $2000 USD, I would HIGHLY recommend the NEC 30" LCD3090WQXi, it uses an H-IPS instead of the S-IPS of most other 30" monitors, and it also seems to be less affected by the "sparkle" effect than other 30" monitors. I wish I had the budget for it back when I was buying up 30" monitors. If that's priced a little too high, I would also look at the HP 30" LP3065.
I personally ended up with a Dell 30" 3007WFP-HC(same *panel* quality as is in the Apple 30"), which unfortunately does suffer greatly from the "sparkle" effect, but I got used to it rather quickly, to the point where I no longer notice it.
Thank you, Chilly, for your comments and considerations. So I try to summarize.
Samsung 305T has just little sparkling white and it's really good, but its colour shifting is too clear visible, and it's not acceptable for me.

But I still have a dying hope - maybe be a colour shifting is not too visible. Chilly, could you kindly comment this issue once again? Is it really clearly visible issue?
I'll try to get to know whether I can't see deep black details when I look at 305T display strictly at right angle to? And is it true I'll need to look aslant to find black details? I assume that if I use Photoshop I use just half of screen direct for picture and I use other screen place to put many Photoshop's service panels... So, I believe I don't need to see a correct picture from left side to right side...

You wrote that Dell 3007WFP-HC has sparkle effect and it's really very worth info because HP3065 is based on the same S-IPS panel (I can be wrong, it needs to be checked).
Regarding NEC3090Wuxi, I'm afraid this LCD essentially sparkles too on white. Just recently I tried NEC 2490Wuxi and 2690Wuxi based on LG.Philips H-IPS panels.
These pretty nice displays have really "moderate" sparkle effect.
Nevertheless all the same NEC 2490/2690 "sparkle level" is not acceptable for me, because if you're working with ArchiCad (AutoCAD's little brother)
the working drawings have huge white surfaces as a background and you can go crazy from such pretty sparkling... :)
Moscow computer-guys call it as "crystal effect", this visual issue is well known here and it's being widely discussed.
By the way, NEC3090 Wuxi has fantastic price in Moscow - a little more than 3000 USD. My wife could kill me if I buy such expensive toy :)
Finally it seems there is the one possible way to provide absolutely perfect comfort display with huge working space -
to buy TWO NEC 2190 Uxi. Oh, Jesus Christ, could you help me !!!

Dear Chilly, I forgot to ask a couple of details about Samsung 305T plus:
1. What about noise ? (there are rumors Samsung 305T produces strange noise when it's working)
2. What about Wide Gamut, it's create some issue or not?
3. Samsung 305T has only two fixed heights - low position and low plus 3.5 inches. Is it enough to work comfortable?
Many thanks.

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