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Default ASUS P5KC testing

Hey guys, I finally got a chance to do some testing with this P5KC and I am going to share the results here for those thinking of getting the board. I am going to start with a few unmodded tests with DDR2, do some vmods and retest, and then do some dice benching. I will also have some DDR3 to play with shortly.

First off, I'm using:

Mushkin 4GB HP2-6400
Mushkin XP-650
evga 7800GTX
Water blocks on CPU, GPU, and NB

So far board seems ok, but there is a BIOS issue. 1st I cant seem to adjust DRAM Freq without total instability. If I leave it on auto, it's fine but if I manually select any options I cant even boot.

Vdroop is also really bad, worst I've seen actually. Luckily I have a vdroop mod that I will do asap. For example 1.55v BIOS = 1.425v real measured with DMM.

First test I did was to get some 24/7 stable clocks so I can get folding up and running again. My mediocre E6600 did 3500mhz fairly easily and Im running this 4gb kit at 1:1 for now until I figure this DRAM Freq issue out. Vdimm is @ 2.0v, vcore 1.475v.

I have already completed a few SMP WUs, so I can say these settings are fine for now. SMP is super picky for stability, more than orthos in some cases.
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