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also, before converting to the text console from the gui, check your fahlog.txt.

If there is a wu in progress then after stopping the gui client, copy the work directory and queue.dat file to the new directory you put the text version in. That way you will not lose any progress you have made on the current wu.

In general, always answer no to 'use IE proxy'. Very few people use proxies on the home net .... some businesses use them to control employees access to the internet.

Also, post your current log file - fah.log.txt in whatever directory you installed the gui into. Then we can see if there are any other issues.

When you set up the text console use "-verbosity 9" on the startup string so that the client will log the maximum info including info about any connection issues. If you don't know how to do it we can help.

But for now, the priority is to see your current log so we can make sure your setup is right.

When you post the log wrap it in code tags like this:

log contents
use a quote on this post to see the raw code tags.

Also, i see from your sig that you have a dual core so we will get you optimized and producing big points once we get the basics sorted out.

ps. I will probably be away till sun pm/ mon am but I am sure the others on the team can help you out ... we just need some more info from the log.

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