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Originally Posted by SA-SFT fun View Post
Mr. Chilly,
I know you're ex-owner of Samsung 305T,
it would be very appreciated if you could comment something about color shifting and visual comfort,
I mean how big white surface is displaying? What about sparkling at white surface etc?
Thank you in advance.

P.S. It seems I have already found your answer for my question about the 305T color shifting.
And to all appearances 305T is not suitable for serious works with Picture Color Editing.
It's quite disappointing news...
You wrote about the color shifting issue:
Samsung 305T Review Comment Thread
It has little to no "sparkle" on white surfaces, unlike the Dell 30" I currently have. It also strained my eyes when working with contrasting black gradients due to the colour shifting and crushed blacks.

Frankly if your looking for a QUALITY 30" LCD under $2000 USD, I would HIGHLY recommend the NEC 30" LCD3090WQXi, it uses an H-IPS instead of the S-IPS of most other 30" monitors, and it also seems to be less affected by the "sparkle" effect than other 30" monitors. I wish I had the budget for it back when I was buying up 30" monitors. If that's priced a little too high, I would also look at the HP 30" LP3065.

I personally ended up with a Dell 30" 3007WFP-HC(same *panel* quality as is in the Apple 30"), which unfortunately does suffer greatly from the "sparkle" effect, but I got used to it rather quickly, to the point where I no longer notice it.

NEC MultiSync LCD3090WQXi 30in Monitor Review - Display Reviews - TrustedReviews
HP LP3065 30in LCD Monitor Review - Display Reviews - TrustedReviews
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