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Originally Posted by SA-SFT fun View Post
I see Samsung 305T is not suitable for any serious Photoshop processing related with picture color editing...
I had a hope that S-PVA last generation is near by S-IPS concerning low color shifting, but to all appearances it seems like no more than a fantasy, doesn't it?.....

Generally we should not trust completely any reviews...

Now to answer your question directly, yes the 305T is not suitable for any serious graphics work that involves colour accuracy. S-PVA still has major issues with colour shifting, which while not as noticeable at smaller sizes(< 24") will still throw off the accuracy of any work done.

Stick to S/H-IPS based panels when doing work that requires colour accuracy.
If you like, feel free to PM me, I can make some recommendations when it comes to 30" monitors.
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