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Hello Mr. jdrom17,

I think you say about Hi-End prof monitors from EIZO, LaCie or NEC's SpectraView Line.
My budget is no more than 2000 USD and I'd like to find something with best volume for money... :)
But the main my problem is not money (though money is quite essential thing :) ), my main issue is my very sensitive eyes...
I need real quality LCD, but don't like displays based on LG.Phillips S-IPS panel, because of so called 'crystal effect' -
a sparkling at big homogeneous white surfaces, it looks like surface of fresh snow at sunny day,
it's native incorrigible nature of LG.Phillips S-IPS panels. That is why I can't use generally nice LCD based on S-IPS from LG.Philips
However there is absolutely perfect S-IPS based LCD - NEC2190Uxi and I already use it.
This LCD is based on own NEC panel, so called SA-SFT panel, it's NEC's version of S-IPS technology,
but NEC uses own panels only at 21" LCD and nowhere more... Now I need 30" LCD
So I have to think about 30" S-PVA based displays, and the first brand-name here is Samsung, isn't it?
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